Privacy-Preserving Phishing Web Page Classification via Fully Homomorphic Encryption
Edward Chou, Arun Gururajan, Kim Laine, Nitin Kumar Goel, Anna Bertiger, Jack W. Stokes
ICASSP 2020 (Work completed at MSR)

SentiNet: Detecting Physical Attacks Against Deep Learning Systems
Edward Chou, Florian Tramèr, Giancarlo Pellegrino
DLS 2020 (Link - arXiv)

Privacy-Preserving Action Recognition for Smart Hospitals using Low-Resolution Depth Images
Edward Chou, Matthew Tan, Cherry Zou, Michelle Guo, Albert Haque, Arnold Milstein, Li Fei-Fei
NeurIPS ML4H 2018 (Spotlight Talk - arXiv)

Delegated Feature Extraction for Encrypted Inference
Edward Chou, Josh Beal, Albert Haque, Li Fei-Fei
ICML PiMLAI 2018 (link)

Neural Graph Matching Networks for Fewshot 3D Action Recognition
Michelle Guo, Edward Chou, De-An Huang, Shuran Song, Serena Yeung, Li Fei-Fei
ECCV 2018 (pdf)

Temporal Modular Networks for Retrieving Complex Compositional Activities in Videos
Bingbin Liu, Serena Yeung, Edward Chou, De-An Huang, Li Fei-Fei, Juan-Carlos Niebles
ECCV 2018 (pdf)

3D Point Cloud-Based Visual Prediction of ICU Mobility Care Activities
Bingbin Liu*, Michelle Guo*, Edward Chou, Rishab Mehra, Serena Yeung, N. Lance Downing, Francesca Salipur, Jeffrey Jopling, Brandi Campbell, Kayla Deru, William Beninati, Arnold Milstein, Li Fei-Fei
MLHC 2018 (pdf)

Every Move You Make: Exploring Practical Issues in Smartphone Motion Sensor Fingerprinting and Countermeasures
Anupam Das, Nikita Borisov, Edward Chou
PETS 2018 (link)

Leave Your Phone at the Door: Side Channels that Reveal Factory Floor Secrets
Avesta Hojjati, Anku Adhikari, Katarina Struckmann, Edward J. Chou, Thi Ngoc Tho Nguyen, Kushagra Madan, Marianne S. Winslett, Carl A. Gunter, William P. King
ACM CCS 2016 (pdf)

Faster Cryptonets: Leveraging Sparsity for Real-World Encrypted Inference
Edward Chou*, Josh Beal*, Daniel Levy, Serena Yeung, Albert Haque, Li Fei-Fei
Link - arXiv

A Fully Private Pipeline for Deep Learning on Electronic Health Records
Edward Chou*, Thao Nguyen*, Josh Beal, Albert Haque, Li Fei-Fei
Link: arXiv

AI Blue Book: Vehicle Price Prediction using Visual Features
Richard R. Yang, Steven Chen, Edward Chou
Link: arXiv

Smartphone Fingerprinting Via Motion Sensors: Analyzing Feasibility at Large-Scale and Studying Real Usage Patterns
Anupam Das, Nikita Borisov, Edward Chou, Muhammad Haris Mughees
Link: arXiv